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The Salandra13 agency in addition to supporting its client in the choice of the property and in the verification of all the documentation, also offers:

Thanks also to the network of qualified specialists and technicians, Salandra13 develops personalized advice suited to the different needs of those looking for or already having a home in Salento, dealing with the design, renovation and furnishing of apartments, palaces and farms.

Architectural design and restoration of historic buildings

Having a consolidated experience in new architectural design and restoration of historical buildings, from simple charateristic houses to marvellous historical villas and mansions, Salandra13 pays meticulous attention to aesthetic and stylistic details, guaranteeing the functionality of the home.

Throughout  a number of meetings and site inspections architect Elio Resta, founder of the design studio Puglia Estates Srl, evaluates the possible uses of space and light to render the environment practical and aesthetically satisfying.

We assist the costumer throughout the design process, from the first meeting to the complete renovation of the property, in collaboration with technicians, craftsmen and qualified workmen.

What can we do for you

Twenty years experience in architectural renovation

In the architectural restructuring we also include the restoration of historic buildings.

The architect Elio Resta, founder of the Puglia Estates Srl design studio, with his twenty years of experience, is both a designer and a Project Manager and has the essential task of ensuring compliance with costs, times and obviously quality: aspects that will come anyway agreed with the customer.

Salandra 13 thus guarantees all the organizational structure and the skills necessary to carry out the entire building renovation: from design to “turnkey” delivery.

Unique and functional furnishing proposals for living with style

Salandra13 is a container of styles and ideas that knows how to interpret the new needs of customers thanks to the taste and sensitivity in proposing furnishing solutions: refined elements, vintage and antiques, contemporary or directly designed and made by us thanks to our partners and trusted craftsmen.

Unique and functional proposals to live in your Salento home with style.

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